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A newsletter recieved from Sderot

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

The following is a copy of the newsletter published by the ‘Hope for Sderot’ organization in Israel.


February 10 ,2013
30 Shvat, 5773

This last week was the hardest week in the history of Hope For Sderot. It was harder than the 2008 Gaza war, harder than the last five years of Kassam rocket attacks, it was even harder than the last war we just had with Gaza; like I said it was the hardest week we have ever had.

Over the past four years our volunteers have gathered together on Tuesdays and packed bags of food for the following Wednesday. On Wednesday we would meet at 9:30 and set out chairs and fill up the water jug with ice water for the people that would come in to have a place to sit or have a class of cold water.

At 10 o’clock we would open our doors to be greeted by 15-20 people already waiting to come in and pick up their food bag. By 12:30 lunch would be on the table to feed our volunteers, but all that changed last week and it will not be the same all this month.

This is the first time we had to close the doors on Hope For Sderot because we had no food to give out. With a sign posted on the door in Hebrew and in Russian we informed our friends that we did not have food and that we would be taking this month to try to restock our supplies for next month.

After our last newsletter someone emailed us and asked to be taken off our “Beg List”. I hope this newsletter is not seen as a “Beg List”, for it has never been intended as such but rather simply a letter of information. If you can and want to help Thank You, if you can’t we understand..

Eti got one phone call after another from people asking “What will we do”? It was hard for Eti, who was born here in Sderot. She had to answer all the phone calls. She also knows and was brought up with most of the 445 families on our list, it took its toll on her. You see not only does Eti have a heart about the size of Texas but she just about knows all 445 families by name and what number they are on our list

We have 445 families who look to us each month for help to feed their children, their elderly and those injured by Kassam. It takes $11,000 a month to accomplish this and in February we didn’t have it.

This newsletter goes out to only 1400 people; of those we have no idea how many of them just get deleted without ever being read but if those of you who actually read our newsletters were to help us with just $10 a month, the sign that is now on our door would never have to go up again.

If you would forward this to your friends on your mailing list, just maybe one of them who has never heard about Sderot might want to help and even send this email on to their friends.

Will you consider helping us with a monthly donation or maybe a “Forward” of this newsletter to your friends? You can click here to donate or here to contact us. Thank you in advance for your help.

To support please send your gift to: Hope for Sderot 303E Gurley St # 240 Prescott AZ. 86301 or click here

Thank you and may YAH richly bless you

Lodge 816 supports Seniors at the Beverly Center

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

For the last several years, Calgary B’nai Brith has  been the sponsor of  the Jewish Family Services Judaic Program at the Beverly Center for Seniors.   Calgary B’nai Brith  is pleased to support this program, both financially, and in the participation of some of our members, notably Rudy Berger and his wife Jeanette.  Recently Rudy Berger wrote an article about the celebration of the Jewish holidays at the Beverly Center.  With his permission we are pleased to publish it on this blog.


The Beverly Centre Program was inaugurated by Jewish Family Service, possibly as early as 1995, on one or two Friday mornings a month.  B’nai Brith Calgary became involved in 1999, and by mid 2000 the program was expanded to every Friday morning, with financial support from B’nai Brith.

The program is for the Jewish residents. The Beverly centre provides fruit juice and cookies, BB supplies the challah, and JFS arranges some form of entertainment, a Rabbi or musical program. Shabbat candles are lit, Kiddush is recited and also the Motzi, usually by the residents, whenever feasible.  The program is very important for the residents, many of whom have no other contact with Judaism.

Rosh Ha Shana is observed on the second afternoon, led by Aron Eichler, and assisted by his sons, Jeff and Rich. The Torah is read, Eliyot are assigned to some residents,
And Aron blows a very impressive shofar. After Kiddush and Ha’Amotzi, fruit juice and challah are served, as well as apples and honey and the traditional honey cake.

Chanukah is always special: Leah Saltman makes Latkes and delicious pastries. The program usually features children from CJ Academy or Akiva Academy

Purim is usually led by Sam Wainer, who literally reads the whole Megilla.  Pesach is observed with a Seder for the Jewish residents, and is led by a rabbi,

most recently, Rabbi Osadchey.  Their families and friends are also invited.  Grape Juice, Matzo, Gefilte Fish, Hardboiled Eggs, Macaroons, etc., are supplied by JFS  or volunteers, who help to prepare and serve the Seder.

JFS has recently inaugurated similar programs at the Jewish Seniors Apartments and the Chinook Care centre.