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BBYO boys (AZA) Calgary end of the year report

Calgary AZA this past year has done some incredible things. We have drastically improved our attendance, and built a strong bright future around our first year members. Judaic programs such as a Yom Hashoah remembrance and numerous Pot Luck Dinners where we either lit the candles for Hannukah or had a Passover Seder , as well as taken bigger initiatives in the community this past year. 

We have run numerous fundraisers to ensure programming is cheaper for our members ensuring everyone can afford them. These fundraisers have ranged from an outstanding raffle for Calgary Flames Tickets, all the way to two bottle drives. Raising over $1000.

Calgary AZA has gone to great lengths to ensure your future is in good hands. We have run two very successful AIT (first year) training programs, and our current first years make up close to half of our membership. However we have also gone to great lengths to strengthen the bonds between older age groups. The brotherhood in our chapter this past year is incomparable to any year I have seen in my previous 2 years in this organization.

Programming has had a very wide variety this past fraternal year. We have had a variety of new and innovative programs, such as; Minute To Win It, Wrestlemania, water gun fight in the pool, and our Yom Hashoah ceremony are just a few of the many original programs created this past year. As well as running very successful classic programs such as; AIT inductions, the Trading Program, three Ice Leagues, and so much more. 

This past year has brought Calgary AZA back to its previous years of “glory”. We average close to 25 members out to programs. This membership base is drastically better than the rest of the chapters in our region. However we plan to continue prospering and making Calgary AZA into the biggest chapter possible, while turning Jewish youth into leaders.

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